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Adult Volunteers Rock Climbing
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The Scout section is for boys and girls aged 11 to 14 years and offers an amazing array of activities designed to teach important life skills and get Scouts social, active, and healthy!

Scouts, as a section, focuses on allowing young people to develop their confidence and we teach them how to work as part of a team. Scouts learn essential outdoor safety skills as well as participate in a variety of physical and intellectual challenges. The programs are designed to target each young person’s own special interests, encouraging them to enjoy their favourite hobbies using meaningful badges and awards.

Epic bushwalks and camping expeditions, getting out on the water in a kayak, canoe or sailboat and our annual Tilapia Tussle fishing competition!

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Scouts is a great chance to make new friends outside of school. Spending time camping or hiking with others your own age is a fun way to get to know people.

You might even get the chance to travel to another part of Australia or even another part of the world. Scout Jamborees are amazing events where around 10,000 Scouts come together to camp, do challenging and fun activities like abseiling, obstacle courses, scavenger hunts, and lots of water activities. Every three years Scouts Australia holds its Jamboree, but in between are state events for hundreds or thousands of Scouts. Australian Scouts can even travel to Jamborees all over the world.

You’ll be surprised at how many great friendships you can make at Scouts.

Scout families are welcome to get involved too! There’s lots of opportunities for the whole family to make new friends and feel part of the community.


Action is at the core of all Scouting activities. Whether they are tackling a river in a kayak or learning how to set up a tent, our program ensures that our Scouts never stand still. At your weekly meetings you’ll learn the skills you need to plan, prepare and go on adventures, and by the time you’ve been a Scout for a few years, you’ll find yourself being able to take yourself on three-day hikes – just you and a group of your Scouting friends. You even get to choose your own menu and cook it outdoors yourselves!