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Membership Fees

All the services and adventures with Scouting, unfortunately, is not free as we do not receive any subsidies, thus we need to charge a small fee on a school term basis.
New Scouting members are required to pay a registration fee of $220.00 to join. The registration fee is in addition to the ongoing term fees outlined in the following section and covers registration to Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc and all associated paperwork and administration fees.

Each school term after the first term you registed in, you will receive an invoice from Gordonvale Scouts for the term fees. Currently the term fee is $110.00 for the first youth member, $105.00 for the second youth member and $100.00 for the third and subsequent youth members.  The fee is made up of multiple components that allow the group to function, and the split up is as follows:

Component Fee
Membership Renewal $40.00
Section Subs $20.00
Hall Maintenance Fees $40.00
Equipment Levy $10.00


Some activities will incur additional costs e.g. camps, outings, canoe courses etc. and this amount will vary depending on the fees and length of the camp.  Your child’s Section Leader will advise you of these fees if/when they are needed.

All youth members are insured against accidental injury while on Scouting activities.  This cover also extends to Leaders and Committee members.   (Parents are automatically considered members of the Group Committee and are therefore covered while on Scouting activities, including fundraising and working bees.   However, siblings who are non-members are not covered.)

All other expenses incurred by the Group e.g. Insurance, equipment purchase etc are paid for by fundraising activities.