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Scouts after 2019 Redclaw challenge

Successful Scout Groups are those where there is strong adult support

Often when you think of volunteering for a Scout group, the first role that comes to mind is that of an adult leader. While the Scouts would not exist without the valuable effort every scout leader puts into our children's adventures, there are many other roles and ways in which we can volunteer to help keep the group running.Scouts is a youth lead, adult support organisation run by adult volunteers, we try to foster a close community of parents and youth working together to run the group. Every family is expected to be involved and actively take part in the group. Talk to your section leader or Group leader about how you would like to be involved, some of the options are;


  • Join the Group Committee (Parent Committee) … if there is no committee then there is no Group.
  • Put your name on the parent helper roster at least once per term.
  • Interested in becoming a Leader? Its lots of fun.
  • Volunteer at the monthly Gordonvale Markets BBQ stall on the first Saturday of each month.
  • Clean or tidy the den.
  • Carry out some maintenance.
  • Supporting your youth member in their everyday scouting by encouraging them to complete any tasks they are set.
  • Help at working bees.


Expenses incurred by the Group e.g. Insurance, equipment purchase, electricity, etc are all paid for by fundraising activities. It is an expectation of all families that they will volunteer and be actively involved in the fundraising activities the group takes part in.

Parent helper on a hike

Join the Committee

Every Scout group has a committee that works closely with the adult leaders of the group. The committee is responsible for managing the finances and general business aspects of maintaining the group. It does not require a large time commitment and provides an easy way for you to make a big difference to the group that is having such a large impact on your child's youth. For this reason we invite all parents to consider volunteering for 12 months serving on the committee. All training for each of the roles is provided online, so even if you have never been involved in a committee before you can rest assured you will have the support you need.

Each of the following committee members appointed yearly by the Group leader;

  • Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Fundraising Co-ordinator


Gordonvale is a small group, with low membership fees. We are able to achieve this because we have a consistent and very healthy fundraising initiative. The Gordonvale Scout Group convene and manage the Gordonvale Cottage Markets each month. We also have a stall where we cook and sell food at the markets. It is expected that every family volunteers at least once per term to help man the the stall and bake goodies for our stall. We are also constantly looking for people to help manage the markets on the Saturday morning.

Gordonvale Scouts market volunteers
Low ropes course

Got a special skill?

When your child joins Gordonvale Scouts Group, you will be introduced to the group leader and the committee members as we strive to make the adults feel just as much part of the group as the children. We try to get to know every one of you and we believe every one of you has something special they can bring to the group. If you think you might be able to contribute something (anything) don't be afraid to bring this to the attention of the group leader. For instance this website was put together by a parent with some basic web design skills, we have had grandparents come in and speak about serving in the armed force, maybe you can play the guitar around a camp fire for a sing along, or have access to something you think the kids would be interested in.