Muddy Scouts
Scouts after 2019 Redclaw challenge

Scouting is about personal growth through adventure

Gordonvale Scouts is a small scouting group found in the heart of Gordonvale. We are very family orientated and encourage all parents to be involved where they can.

Scouts Australia provides boys and girls aged 6 to 25 with fun and challenging opportunities to grow through adventure. With around 70,000 members, Scouts Australia is one of the largest youth development organisations in Australia. What makes scouting unique is its diverse range of activities that develop skills in young people such as leadership, teamwork, problem solving and communication from the age of 6 years old.Today’s Scouts can take part in an extraordinary variety of outdoor activities, from ‘traditional Scouting skills’ such as camping and bushcraft, through to more extreme challenges such as abseiling, overnight hiking, rafting, canoeing, rock climbing, and sailing.

Scout Promise and Law

Scouting is about fun

Scouting allows children to experience new adventures and the excitement! To feel a sense of accomplishment when doing something new, different and exciting.

Scouting is challenging

Scouting is about setting new and exciting challenges, and then striving to meet them. It is through this process that scouts gain confidence in their own abilities.

Rope Bridge

Scouting is about community

Scouts are active within the community, often meeting other children from the greater regional area. They must learn to work together and create lasting friendships.