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Our Scouts take on the Gordonvale Cottage Markets

The Gordonvale Scout Group has been successful in their bid to take on the management of the Gordonvale Cottage Markets!

It took a lot of work and many hours of behind the scenes negotiations, and training. However as of February 1st 2020 the Gordonvale Cottage Markets will be convened and managed by our Scout Group. All the funds that we raise through stall site rentals will go directly to our group. At this early stage in our journey in managing the markets we are planing on building up a much needed reserve of funds. After which we will be using the funds to help give all our youth members the best possible start in life, A Scouting education. If you want to give your child an edge in life later on when they start applying for jobs, or any number of other opportunities. Scouting is by far the best thing you can do for them now.

Taking on the management of Gordonvale Cottage Markets is intended to put the group back into the heart and soul of the Gordonvale community, where it belongs. The Gordonvale Scout Group has a long history in Gordonvale and has played an important and influential role in many of our lives. The current members, both, youth and adult leaders of our Scout Group will get the chance to build some real world management skills. The youth will all be given this opportunity as they will be helping (under direction of the adult leaders) to manage the markets every month. They will be speaking to the stallholders, gaining vital personal and leadership skills, and generally being the great ambassadors for Scouts Australia that they already are.

As part of taking on management of the Gordonvale Cottage Markets. The group has put together a website for the markets and is actively trying to build the markets Facebook audience. So please help share the website and the Facebook group with all your friends and family.

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