Gordonvale Scouts Be Prepared ... for new adventure

Yes, Gordonvale does have a scout group!

12 months ago I posted an article about why as a parent I love Scouts so much. Here it is 12 months later ( I know I’m slack, 12 months between posts just isn’t good enough!), but I have a good excuse. I have been very busy in our little community, I have moved from the position of Chairperson to the role of Group Leader. In under 2 short years I have gone from having never been involved in scouting (even as a youth) to Group Leader, that is how strongly I believe in the Scouting movement.

Gordonvale Scout Group needs your help as a Community, please share this post with as many people as possible, spread the word and get our name out there in the public eye. People are constantly telling me they didn’t know Gordonvale had a Scout group, yet the group was started in 1922 and has been in the community ever since. While I hope to be well and truly retired by then, I hope we are still a major part of the community in another 100 years.

This coming term we have action packed programs for both the Cubs Scout and Scout sections. We have camping trips, hikes, a visit to the Mareeba airport, and many other fun activities. During all of these activities, and the weekly meets, our youth members are learning invaluable life skills. 

Don’t be shy, drop by the den any week during one of the section meets and see what it is all about. Click here for more information and the weekly meet times.


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