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Scouts after 2019 Redclaw challenge

Why join Scouts?

Scouting is the biggest and most successful youth organisation in Australia

At Gordonvale Scouts we focus on personal growth through adventure, helping young people achieve their full potential through a program that offers fun, adventure, challenge, friendships, a sense of freedom and achievement.

With approximately 15,000 boys, girls and adults in Queensland from various cultural or religious backgrounds and with varying abilities, there is something for everyone in Scouts!

The scouting adventure varies from age group to age group. It could be as simple as the first night away from home, the first obstacle course, the first camp, attending a Cuboree, Jamboree or a Venture, learning to paddle a canoe, making and sailing a raft, learning to plant a tree, abseiling from 10 metres or 100 metres, right through to flying a plane, climbing a mountain, traveling overseas, meeting Scouts from different cultures or undertaking international service projects.

Parent Testimonials

Just a few of the reasons parents see scouting as a vital part of a youths future

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"We joined up because he was not doing so well in team sports and I wanted to get him involved in a more cerebral endeavour."

Cub Scout Parent

"My son attends scouts as I wanted him to be part of a community. The skills he learns about the outdoors are invaluable, and he takes great pride in earning his badges."

Scout Parent

"My son attends scouts to have male role models in his life as he spends most of his time with myself. I was also a member of the guiding group growing up and enjoyed my experience so I thought he would benefit and enjoy being a part of the scouting group. Also being an only child it gives him an opportunity to grow friendships outside of his school circle."

Cub Scout Parent

"We encouraged our daughter to join Scouts as she is homeschooled, and I was heavily involved in Scouts as a youth."

Scout Parent

"She chose scouts for the sense of adventure, and she continues to attend for the comradery. I encourage it for the life skills and experiences."

Scout Parent

Gordonvale Scout Sections

Cub Scouts is the second section into Scouts and is for boys and girls aged 7 to 11.

Scouts is the third and most well know section, it is for boys and girls aged 11 to 14.

Scout Leaders come from all walks of life, from parents of Scouts, to childhood Scouts, to people with no Scouting experience at all

Meeting Times

Cub Scouts (7 - 10 year olds)Monday Nights 6:00pm to 8:00pm
Scouts (11 - 14 year olds)Tuesday Nights 6:00pm to 8:00pm


Far North Region Scouts

The Gordonvale Scout group is part of the larger Far North Region Scouts group